LogseqTimes 2023-07-08: Logseq Updates, Smarter Project Management, Kanban, Tracking Connections, Design Prototypes, Plugins and more

The latest Logseq news, updates and thoughts during the past week. LogseqTimes 2023-07-08: Logseq Updates, Smarter Project Management, Kanban, Tracking Connections, Design Prototypes, Plugins and more

LogseqTimes 2023-07-08: Logseq Updates, Smarter Project Management, Kanban, Tracking Connections, Design Prototypes, Plugins and more

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the latest LogseqTimes. With the summer well and truly upon us and certain countries shutting down / preparing to shut down for the summer vacation, there is a sense of regrouping and catching up on one's thoughts. The peaceful summer breeze with crickets chirping in the background, or those torrid nights with musty humid air, where you cannot believe you still have internal liquids to sweat.

With that lovely image out of the way, let's get to some serious stuff, like what was happening in the world of Logseq this past week.

Logseq Logo Rebrand Ideas - Voting Time - Last Chance

The finalists have been chosen and it is time to vote for your favourite Logo idea.  The vote will run until and through Sunday, July 9th (it will close at midnight GMT+2).

To vote, click here. The chosen finalists are:

The scoreboard currently looks like this:

There is still a bit of time to vote for your favourite and as a reminder, "the logo selected as the winner of the community contest won’t necessarily be the final logo. Our team will take the contest results into consideration, but we will create our own version in-house. I’d like to encourage everyone to stay respectful towards all submissions, as every community member put effort and creativity into them."

It will be interesting to see the new face of Logseq.

Smarter Project Management with Logseq

Bas / Tools on Tech with a quality video on Smarter Project Management with Logseq. In the video, he considers 3 levels of project management, from simple to complex.

  1. Gatherer - Page and Link
  2. Planner - Maintain tasks in Project
  3. Outsourcer - Move tasks to Todoist

Check it out.

Sticking with Bas, here is his Logseq Capture and Task  Workflow.

Impressive stuff - thanks for sharing with us.

Kanban in Logseq

ElGatoPanzon wows us with using CSS to create a Kanban-style layout. Love seeing what is possible with Logseq and tweaking the layout of a supposedly outline only tool. Good work. OP is here.


Tracking and Visualising Connections

OP asks: I’m and Engagement and Knowledge Exchange Manager and also doing a PhD around Engagement.

What I want to do is track and visualise the connections I make, who I introduce them to and so on so that I can go back and follow up to see what impact my work in nurturing relationships has had.

For example -

So, I know Zaphod who works for a charity, a few weeks later I meet Arthur at an event who is an academic with interests in the same area as Zaphod. I think they would really do some interesting work together so I introduce them. They go off and get funding and create a research project which has a societal impact.

I want to record that introduction so that at a future date I can say “this is what my hard work and relationship nurturing facilitated”, because, as we all know, everything needs a price attached to it. I would also like to visualise it with nodes and links - because everyone likes a pretty visualisation.

Does anyone with more experience than me have any ideas the best way to approach this before I start potentially reinventing the wheel.

Check out the great responses here.  

Design Prototypes

Jakob has been working wonders with some new prototypes concerning   Search, Capture and Generate.

For example here is a quick capture example flow:


Or a generate idea flow:

These are prototypes at the moment but hopefully will be implemented in due course. See more examples here.

Logseq Sync Experiences

Anyone who has used Logseq Sync for a while could tell me about their experience. Especially when it comes to the stability of data (data loss).

Generally positive responses with a few hiccups along the way. I know that the devs are working on improving the sync experience so hopefully the next time the question is asked, it will receive full marks.

Property Values and Unlinked Text

OP asks: I have applied @cldwalker’s config.edn rule 2 but I am probably doing something wrong because it does not work for me.

I have author:: John Smith - philosopher , but when I search {{query (property author "John Smith") there is no result. If I do not put the quotation marks around John Smith I don’t get a result either.

It does work if the property is author:: [[John Smith]] - philosopher

Am I right to say that this can only work if the property is linked?

Answer: Yes, the property filter only works with linked values.

Install ChatGPT In Logseq

Article and accompanying video on how to install GPT into your Logseq note-taking app.

In essence:

  1. Download Logseq app on Windows or Mac
  2. Select a folder where you want to store your notes ( this can be anywhere you would like)
  3. Open Logseq, click Plugins, then the three lines
  4. Search for then InstallGPT-3- OpenAI by Brian Sunter
  5. Then go to openAI website and create your account
  6. Then go to your account menu and click on API keys
  7. Copy your secret key
  8. Go back to Logseq and the plugins menu and find the gpt-3 again
  9. Click on wheel icon and open setting
  10. Paste API Key in the top field

You are all set to go.

Move a Logseq graph to a different directory on my computer

If you want to move s graph and all its content to a different directory on your computer, here are the best steps to adopt:

  • Open Logseq, graphs and unlink your current graph
  • Close Logseq and navigate to your directory
  • Move the directory to your new chosen location  
  • Open Logseq and point the graph to the new directory location.

Logseq as an Alternative to Joplin?

I looked at logseq as an alternative to Joplin but there were too many little flags that suggested to me that privacy and being free might not be forever.

I don't have a problem with paying for software, but I don't like getting embedded in it when I don't know what the cost will be. Privacy wise, statements like "The aim of Logseq is to establish a better environment for both learning and collaboration, enabling us to form a network that connects our ideas and enhances the collective knowledge of humanity." worry me.

I don't want my ideas connected with humanity, and I certainly don't want my notes used to train someone's LLM. Maybe this is an unfair reading, as they do claim to be privacy-focused, but I am worried that they will discover far too many interesting and fun things to do with user data, and I just don't really like where that sounds like it's headed.

Do you agree / disagree? Some interesting comments and responses in the original post here.

Logseq Plugins / Themes

  • logseq-save-scrollbar-position - A Logseq extension that saves the position of the scrollbar on each page, and when you return to this page, it reverts to the position you last viewed. It just saves the position of the scrollbar in the memory, so when you restart logseq desktop app, the last saved data will be cleared. Because the content in a logseq page is loaded lazily, the new content is loaded when scrolling to the bottom of the page, so when returning to the previous page, the last saved position cannot be restored immediately, and the more content on the page the longer it takes.
  • loseq-typewriter-mode - loseq typewriter mode plugin
  • logseq-chinese-idiom-dictionary
  • Logseq Flow Theme v0.9.13 released - This update includes the following changes: improve pdfview style Valid color options you can specify are --cl-pdf-light-background, --cl-pdf-dark-background, or --ls-icon-color.
  • FireSeqSearch New Feature: Generate word cloud. Just visit, and fireSeqSearch will generate a word cloud with your Logseq notes. Each word in the cloud is clickable. With a single click, you can search your top words in search engines and your personal notes simultaneously.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading.