LogseqTimes 2023-07-01: Logseq Updates, Logseq 0.9.10, Logo Vote, DB Model Updates, Banner, Project Management, Journal v page, Logseq v Obsidian and much more

The latest Logseq news, updates and thoughts during the past week. LogseqTimes 2023-07-01: Logseq Updates, Logseq 0.9.10, Logo Vote, DB Model Updates, Banner, Project Management, Journal v page, Logseq v Obsidian and much more

LogseqTimes 2023-07-01: Logseq Updates, Logseq 0.9.10, Logo Vote, DB Model Updates, Banner, Project Management, Journal v page, Logseq v Obsidian and much more

Hi Everyone,

Lots of great updates and content this week to share, so let's get right to it.

Logseq 0.9.10 Release

In this release, there is a "snap to grid" support for Whiteboards and experimental support for sync conflict handling in Logseq Sync. You can download the desktop and Android app here.


  • Logseq Sync: experimental support for editing conflict handling with diff-merge experimental (To enable this, check the Features tab in setting menu)
  • Known Issue: the merging may not work in some race editing condition on iOS, then fallback to the current behavior (file overwriting). Don't do race editing on iOS before fixed.
  • Add slash command for creating code blocks - Documentation
  • Replace 'presentation' with 'view as slides
  • More translation for UI elements
  • Translations
  • Polish details for the plugin fenced code block
  • Plugin marketplace enhancements
  • Support right sidebar item type as string
  • Improve plugin interfaces for IAppProxy, IEditorProxy, BlockEntity, and PageEntity

Fixed issues

  • Paste text to link
  • Clicking to edit a block from the right sidebar or a whiteboard can't jump to the correct position
  • Disable content selection when blocks have been selected
  • Fix pasting from HTML for some specific sites
  • Hidden editable block properties showing up when user properties present
  • Reactive queries
  • Trim block whitespace for markdown files for a specific case
  • Incorrect behavior for the code editor of file page
  • Polish the plugin settings modal

Logseq Logo Rebrand Ideas - Voting Time

The finalists have been chosen and it is now time to vote for your favourite Logo idea. To vote, click here. The vote will run until and through Sunday, July 9th (it will close at midnight GMT+2). Everyone can vote on up to 3 items, and you’ll be seen the results of the poll after you vote.

A lot of the technicalities for the selection of finalists have been discussed here but in summary:

The finalists were picked by a combination of different metrics:

  1. Internal voting: we as a team had a document with all the designs, and voted on logos we wanted to put through to the final round
  2. Total number of likes: submissions that had the most number of likes made it through to the last round. Yes, these were skewed from being first, or top of the thread, but it would have been equally unfair not to include these.
  3. Relative number of like: submissions that were submitted later but had a disproportional amount of likes received extra points.

Then there was a question of how many posts to include. There was a pretty clear cutoff after 12 finalists, where there were maybe 20-30 submissions that ended up ranking equally.

Please remember, that people put time and effort into the designs, so please think twice before posting derogatory remarks.

Find All Instances of a Particular Property

OP asks: I want to have a list key values for 1 particular property. The amateurish way of doing this would be to write for example type:: and then a dropdown list with all the existing key values for that property is presented.

Is there a query to get the results is a table? I tried this {{query (property type *)}}, thinking that perhaps the * indicates all instances, but it does not, Logseq probably interprets it as having to find a property called *.

Check out the responses and help by Siferiax here.

Work on Database Model Continues

A nice little update on the Logseq db / database version  - getting closer and closer

It also seems that Logseq db-version will run on sqlite.

Supertags a la Tana

Point was raised about "I would love to see tags like Tana has incorporated. And also I really love the ability to create types in Anytype. Those two have excellent GUIs for things that Logseq is technically mostly capable of, but takes like orders of magnitude more tinkering to actually accomplish. like, you can add page properties to tags and you can create queries with them, but in Logseq, it's all done using kind of a pseudo programming language and in Tana it's really a snap of a finger and gui based.

With Anytype types, it's very easy to create a new one and add relations and such, which is kind of replicable using Logseq templates but again, it's like writing code in Logseq and in Anytype it's a lot more of a guided experience. Logseq could definitely improve in these ways."

The above seems to be due to"That's because Logseq works with plain text files (which means it needs to store properties/metadata in the files), whereas Tana is fully database-driven". There is currently no timeframe for "supertags" in Logseq but who knows once the db version gets released?

Installing Banners in Logseq

Want your page to look like the above? You can Personalize your Logseq pages with beautiful banners and widgets.

The Banners for Logseq plugin is extremely powerful. It lets you set page banners for the journal and individual notes pages. You can even set different page banners for different pages. You can also add calendar widgets, weather widgets, and banner icons to customize the image banners.

In this guide, we will first show you how to install the Banners for the Logseq plugin and use it to add banners to your daily notes. We will then show you how to add banners to individual notes pages and customize page banners and icons for each page. Finally, we will cover how to add calendar and weather widgets to your page banners in Logseq.

Check out the full article here. Includes a video for those that prefer a video guide.

Updated Project Management Workflow

ElGatoPanzon adapted the query posted in the Notion post specifically the part which duplicates the Project page's query in the top section named Related Tasks. This outputs tasks in linked reference format which are not included on the current page.

by u/ElGatoPanzon from discussion Sub-Task management in Logseq
in logseq

Journal Pages v Dedicated Pages

A question was posted about Storing information on journal pages vs dedicated files.

Journal pages are often considered the default place to store information. I think I even read in some official LS source that it’s expected that users will work 99% of the time with them.

This, however, is not the case for me. I use journals mostly to store ad-hoc tasks for the day, information that will be relevant for the day, and some other pieces of information that are unlikely to ever be retrieved and don’t fit nicely anywhere else. Otherwise I use a dedicated page.

And so I’m curious what’s the reasoning people have when using journal instead of dedicated pages?

Some seem to prefer using the journal pages whereas others use dedicated pages. It seems like this will become the new folders and files vs files.  

Beginner Advice

I'm using very basic features at the moment; I use # and [[]] in the journal. I love the bi-directional linking feature. I have questions on how I can integrate the tool better into my life. I use the web version of Logseq. It seems to be easier to navigate. I have pages for 'daily routine', 'weekend routine' etc.

a. It looks like I can't use Logseq on my phone. So in the morning, when I'm checking off my routine to-do's, I need to open the laptop. To avoid that, I have the routine on paper as well. Is there a way to use Logseq on the phone. Question: Given I am using basic features, do I need Logseq, or would you advise I use a different app that can be used easily on the mobile phone?

b. Say, I'm writing an article. I write it in Logseq, in bullet format. When I paste it into gmail to share with someone, I don't want the bullets. So, what I do, is to paste it in Word, remove the bullets, combine sub-bullets into a paragraph etc. I suppose there is no workaround for this - say 'Paragraph' format in Logseq?

c. Is there a way to open more than 1 Logseq tab inside the web interface? I suppose not, but wanted to check. Right now, I open two Logseq tabs.

d. Is there a way to connect my Calendar with Logseq?

If you also have the same questions, check out this post with lots of great solutions.

Logseq First Impressions

The Quantum Garden looks at Logseq:

"Logseq has been appearing a lot in my Mastodon feed lately. Many sing its praises over Obsidian so with a slow afternoon at work yesterday I thought to take a look.

My first impression is that Logseq is the offline version of Roam Research; the tool I used before migrating to Obsidian. The biggest issue I had with Roam was the storage of everything online via the browser. I never felt that I had full control over my information, and even less for any files that I uploaded. Logseq solves that."

Looking into Logseq
Logseq has been appearing a lot in my Mastodon feed lately. Many sing its praises over Obsidian so with a slow afternoon at work yesterday I thought to take a look. My first impression is that Logs…

Why Logseq rather than Obsidian?

OP asks, "I’ve been using Obsidian since soon after it launched in beta, but I’m feeling FOMO lately (that’s Fear of Missing Out). Why do you prefer Logseq to Obsidian?"

Some great responses here include:

  • Outline writing style
  • Dislike using plugins to get a tool to work
  • Task management felt better,
  • Open source is a nice bonus
  • Daily Notes Pages

Logseq vs Obsidian

Sticking to the Logseq vs Obsidian comparison, a new video was posted on this subject.

In conclusion, there is no "right" tool for everyone - each person will be different and prefer one to the other.

Not too sure why there was a sudden rush of Obsidian v Logseq posts this week.

Logseq Plugins / Themes

  • Tabbed Sidebar got an update: Drag to reorder tabs. Batch closing through a context menu.
  • Logseq Flow Nord 0.9.6 released. fix block prop value tag color, improve block ref a:hover style, improve tag style, improve nord theme, improve font display, heading style redefine, fix demo image url in logseq
  • Fenced Code Plus v0.7 - New update to the awesome Fenced Code Plus plugin includes Update Mermaid.js to v10
  • Confirmation Hyperlink (Paste URL) plugin (v1.4.0). Online PDF into assets. When you paste a PDF URL, a dialog will appear, allowing the editing of the title if necessary. Upon confirmation, it will be converted into a dedicated Markdown format and saved as a file in the assets.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading.