LogseqTimes 2023-06-17: Logseq 0.9.9, Methods and Madness, Breaking Down Tasks, GTD, Sync, Nested Todos, Reindex and more

The latest Logseq news, updates and thoughts during the past week. LogseqTimes 2023-06-17: Logseq 0.9.9, Methods and Madness, Breaking Down Tasks, GTD, Sync and more

LogseqTimes 2023-06-17: Logseq 0.9.9, Methods and Madness, Breaking Down Tasks, GTD, Sync, Nested Todos, Reindex and more

Hi Everyone,

This week, I will keep the introduction short and sweet as there are quite a lot of great Logseq posts and content to cover and my ramblings are not necessary.

Happy reading.

Logseq 0.9.9 Released

Logseq version 0.9.9 was released earlier in the week and included the following:


  • Integrated title bar for Windows and Linux. (Now "Developer Tools" is under the Ctrl+Shift+I hotkey on Windows and Linux.)


  • Whiteboards - Add support for translations
  • Whiteboards - Auto pan triggers earlier and works for more platforms
  • Add tooltip hint for prefered-file-paste setting
  • Convert more hardcoded strings in the UI to be translatable
  • I18n Updates: Ukrainian, Russian, Spanish Norwegian
  • Menu item for toggling theme mode in published graphs
  • Delete selected text when pressing enter
  • Add more semantic class to the order-list block element
  • Added keymap manager for plugins

Fixed issues

  • New page or whiteboard named with capital letter crashes app on rename
  • Arrow positions on initialization, undo group delete, hover links jumping and other issues
  • Onboarding triggered on existing whiteboard
  • Aliased pages not included in published subgraph
  • Page renaming issues
  • Page search is not updated after changing the capitalization of the page name
  • Pasted special URLs on selected text don't get wrapped with macros
  • Query functions not working sometimes
  • Resizing of pdf area highlight
  • Shift clicking on "Pages tagged with" page link doesn't open in sidebar
  • Table v2 and view properties not hidden on display
  • Handle backspace when at beginning of line in embed page/block
  • Missing :block/properties-order attribute for the custom query blocks
  • Drag and drop assets not working for the right sidebar

With this release we now have the interesting guessing game of what will be the next release:

  • 1.0.0
  • 0.9.10
  • 0.10.0

I think we will go to 0.9.10. What do you think?

Logseq Logo Rebrand Ideas - EXTENDED

The time to submit your ideas for the logo rebrand has been extended from 16 June 2023 by a week. Check out the below thread for details and some hints and tips from the  Logseq Team.

Logseq Logo Community Contest: Submission Thread
There was a dark time when everyone wondered what art was, that is, what were the properties that had to be present in something in the world for that something in the world to be considered art. This obviously implied either that those properties were already in the world and had to be discovered,…

Personal Knowledge Management Logseq Methods and Madness

Despite taking notes, bookmarking web content, and highlighting passages in books; often we struggle to recall or rediscover the many insights we pick up daily in our work and life. This session introduces a tool and some process recommendations to never again lose discoveries and knowledge resources.

Logseq has become an indispensable tool both for Michael and for many other speakers at No Fluff. You'll learn the basics, tips and tricks, and recommendations, and leave armed to deploy this tool right away as you continue learning at the conference!

Just downloaded Logseq and looking to upgrade and customize with a new theme? Or is it time for a change, and you want to see some screenshots of the best Logseq Themes out in 2023? Make your markdown shine with new formatting and a different color palette, from minimalist high-contrast themes to themes dedicated to writing to journaling.

Check out this great article that looks at the top themes by downloads.

The Most Popular Logseq Themes: Aesthetic Notes - Face Dragons
Find examples and screenshots of the best logseq themes you can download and install right now. Make your note taking app look awesome!

Making  Epic Tasks as Easy as Eating an Elephant

In this post, OP gives us a methodology to breaking down a large / epic task into tons of milestones and tasks which are more manageable

Normally, if I have an epic I’m working on it multiple times a week for potentially months. And rather than attempt to continually add the right task to my daily to-dos, I systemize getting the thing done.

For example, if you have a project “Launch YouTube Clone” that’ll be a page with tons of stuff. I’ll create a TODO linked to the project page and schedule it on a repeater (e.g. every 2 days) and tag it with #25m or #50m, which signify pomodoros. This makes reaching the goal systematic.

I have a front page (Journals) that serves as my dashboard and includes my current list of TODOs based on custom queries. Then each time I complete that pomodoro the TODO gets momentarily pushed off the list and I get that instant sense of completing the work for the day. But soon enough, it’s back.

This is for those who, like me, are a little more whimsical about which particular task they want to work on in any given day. What it does is keep your epic goals continually in view until they get done while removing the fuss of trying to figure out which subtask to schedule.

Thanks for the post and idea.

Find Nested TODOs

Related to the above, you might also be interested in this post, which looks at how to retrieve via a query nested Todos.

FInd nested TODOs
In a fresh Graph I add the following data: - This is a block that is connected to [[Project A]]. - Here is a Task that is relevant to this project, but it’s not directly tagged with : - TODO Write Stuff down - On the other hand here is a Task that is tagged with the project: - TODO Do Stuff -…

Easily Take Organized Notes With LogSeq!

Take notes with LogSeq and easily  connect and organize your notes

Privacy Question for Logseq Sync

I have a question that I haven’t found a clear answer to so far. If a government entity (ie the US govt.) requested (demanded) access to a vault that is using Logseq Sync, would Logseq provide that access, or does the encryption make those files unreadable?

I know that a lot of us are concerned about privacy, but do we give up that privacy when we use the sync service?

From Bader, it would appear that "Logseq does not store your password. Logseq employs the Age encryption format, utilizing the password you set to ensure your data is secure."

This has not yet been confirmed by the Logseq Devs, so keep an eye on this thread if interested.

Shortcut to insert [[]]

A little trick that was shared - if typing "[[" is difficult due to your keyboard language settings, then you can also use "/" then Enter. It uses the first command which is "Page reference"

Thank you al_slasher for sharing the above.

Index Page of All Nodes

This sounds like a very interesting request "Is there a way to generate a page with an alphabetical list of all nodes (grouped by letter would be nice)? It's not always easy to find an exact topic in the graph."

I am not too sure how useful it would be if you have any substantial amount of notes in your Logseq, but nonetheless would be interesting to see.

Overwhelming Graph?

A number of users stick to one graph in Logseq for all of their notes. This can mean that the graph gets overwhelming when you are trying to find something specific, say, all of your permanent / finished writings.

You can of course use a #tag or query but an alternative could also be to: "I think you should not alter the current graph, but create a new one and experiment with copying just the permanent notes to the new graph. every workflow is a little different, so the best way to find out what works for you is to feel it out. I can see the value of a messy input graph and cleaned up output graph, as well as separating literature notes & writing from projects & contacts"

In essence, have a separate graph for your finished products. Interesting idea. Thanks blork for sharing.  

Set Up GTD in Logseq in 3 Steps

Looking to set up the Getting-Things-Done workflow in Logseq?

There are so many apps to choose from when it comes to setting up a GTD system. But why download and install something new when you are already using the perfect GTD application? If you use Logseq for taking notes or doing research, why not set up your GTD in Logseq too? Here’s hows to do it!

Set Up GTD in Logseq in 3 Steps - Face Dragons
Set up GTD in Logseq in just 3 simple steps! GTD doesn’t need to be complicated, your Getting Things Done system will take just 10 minutes.

Despite what Cal Newport says, Getting Things Done is not dead! Just like Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, GTD is a framework, and you have to make it your own by using what works and discarding what doesn’t. And using Logseq for GTD works!

Reordering Right Sidebar items

Having a right sidebar can be of tremendous assistance when wanting to review other parts of your graph without navigating away from where you are, however sometimes it would be nice to re-order the open items. A demo of what is meant is below:

If you are interested in this feature, be sure to upvote it here.

Re-Indexing your Graph

Just as a reminder, if something unusual is happening in your Logseq graph with formatting etc, the first port of call should be to Re-Index. This usually fixes most queries that have been posted on the Discord of late and a meme was even created.

Hopefully with future releases, this will no longer be necessary.

Logseq Feature Requests

You can check out the full list of Feature Requests here.

  • Is it possible to open a page in the sidebar from the graph view? - I wanted to ask if it is possible to open a page directly in the sidebar from the graph view? I can do this on normal links by shift+click, but this feature doesn’t work for the graph? When I work on my graph, sometimes I see new connections, want to link pages, want to edit something,…however I can only open on page at a time, edit this page, and reopen the graph view and lose the position/order I created before. This is somehow very frustrating
  • Add DJVU file format support to Logseq for enhanced document management - Logseq currently lacks support for DJVU file format, which poses a limitation for users who have documents in DJVU format instead of PDF. While it’s possible to manually insert screenshots or clipped images from DJVU files into Logseq, it would greatly enhance the user experience if Logseq directly supported DJVU files.
  • Ignore child blocks in query results - Can there be a functionality added to not display child blocks in query

Logseq Plugins / Themes

  • Logseq ChatGPT Plugin V2.0.0 (Beta) Released Whats New: Langchain.js Integration, Prompts powered by Langchain.js tools (ZapierNLA, Web Browser etc), Custom prompts (can be powered by subset of Langchain.js tools), Several other changes.
  • logseq-plugin-quickly-para-method - This plugin is designed to provide workflows for the PARA method. It quickly adds page-tags property.
  • logseq-display-math - Make all math render in display style.
  • logseq-plugin-confirmation-done-task - When a task is marked as DONE, a confirmation dialog is displayed, and a property with a date is added to the block.
  • logseq-plugin-confirmation-hyperlink - Create a Markdown Hyperlink by pasting a URL and retrieving the page title through a confirmation dialogue.
  • Some great community contributions for the logseq-openai plugin. Support for streaming text responses as they come in, Support for customizing the completion endpoint, to use proxies or alternative models, such as local models (like LocalAI)
  • Another Embed has updated the hierarchical favorites feature. It is now possible to configure a separate page property as the mechanism to identify the parent-child relationship, this can free page tags for other purposes. For those of you who like to use tag combinations (like ⁠tips #Windows) to organize your data, I've added a quick filters feature for you. See the second last demo video in the README for how to use it. Essentially, this quick filters feature allows you to save a set of filter combinations, for quicker access later.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading.