LogseqTimes 2023-05-20: Logseq Roadmap updates, Context Menus, Structuring data, Cheatsheet and more

A look at the latest Logseq news, updates and thoughts during the past week. Logseq Roadmap updates, Context Menus, Structuring data, Cheatsheet and mor

LogseqTimes 2023-05-20: Logseq Roadmap updates, Context Menus, Structuring data, Cheatsheet and more

Hi Everyone.

Just like the temperature getting hotter (reaching 40 degrees daily in the UAE), some of the discussions on Logseq were certainly heated but, at the same time, very civilised. I think this shows people's sentiment towards Logseq from both the dev and user sides.

While there are still some hot coals to deal with, let's make the fire walk together and not do what Ace Ventura did.

Logseq In The Wild

Upcoming Release

So this week, whilst we do not have a new release, one is being prepared and readied for launch. From my investigative skills, I believe Logseq 0.9.7 will be with us on 23 May, and may include

  • New v2 table
  • fix: broken block refs when cut or delete blocks
  • enhance(editor): restore scroll position new adding newline in a block
  • Enhance: graph-parser.cli supports all graphs, not just git ones
  • fix: revert #9408 wrong default config.edn values #9409 or change default values in state/config

I am sure there will be a lot more, but this hopefully gives you an idea of what is in store.

You may remember that last week there was an indication that Logseq would be integrating an in-app support system to help users. Well, good news, Ramses confirmed this to be the case:

Can't wait to see it live.

Keyboard Shortcut Manager

Coming soon, keymap / keyboard shortcut manager. This is a great QoL improvement and will make finding shortcuts much easier.


Unification of the Context Menu Components

Logseq will be unifying the context menu component across the app soon. Here is an example with the Radix colours Logseq want to make the new base theme.

Trello Roadmap Updates

This week, we had a bit of movement on the Trello Roadmap:

Of note:

  • Completed in-app Login on Logseq Pro
  • Added Logseq Pro to Doing
  • Added Epub to Todo
  • Completed Cross block searching on Improve Search +
  • Completed Onboarding - Sync on Enhance: Onboarding UX
  • Completed Onboarding - Graph on Enhance: Onboarding UX
  • Completed LogMind on AI
  • Added Product communication enhancement to Doing

Check out the full roadmap and more details here.

Different ways to structure data

Thanks @Alex - Amazing #Logseq query by Siferiax that look for page references in an indented list and include/exclude them from the query when they are TODO/DONE, de facto providing toggle buttons to control a query:

Query and more details can be found here.

Index Cards?

Nick Martin is playing with the idea of index cards:

The OP will "be releasing the code once I am finished and whoever wants to release it as a plugin can do so."

Layout Testing and Tweaking

Alex has been testing some Layout Experiments with Logseq, like the one below. Goes to show some of the things that are possible with Logseq.

Logseq Looking for a Fulltime iOS Dev?

Ramses commented on a post with "It would be reaaaally nice if we could get a fulltime iOS dev 👀 The mobile app is too clunky imho, and I hear the same from other people. There is so much room for improvement with regards to mobile interactions"

If you are an iOS dev and interested, I would suggest contacting Logseq.

Logseq Focus

After last week's post about Core vs new features, there has been quite a lot of discussion on the forum. including:

  • Concerns from users
  • Steps Logseq is taking
  • How users can help Logseq devs

The link to the discussion is:

Opinion: development focus should shift towards improving LogSeq’s partially unstable core
Thank your for the great work Bad3r! Basically it encourages running E2E locally before submitting. You may have direct view of what’s happening via the Electron window, from both UI and console. But we also have some facilities for debugging E2E for the CI runs by dumping screenshots & logs: Th…


A wonderful "Logseq Markdown: Cheat Sheet with Syntax Examples."

Logseq is an amazing note-taking and outlining tool, perfect for students, academics, and anyone trying to organize their knowledge. Logseq uses markdown to format its text, and so to make the best use of this personal knowledge management system, you need to know some Logseq markdown. Luckily this reference is the perfect cheat sheet for all the Logseq markdown syntax you will need.

Logseq Markdown: Cheat Sheet with Syntax Examples - Face Dragons
This Logseq markdown cheat sheet is the perfect reference for every syntax you may need. Find markdown examples for Logseq.

Debating on Outliner Vs Full-Form Text?

Last week we debated Logseq vs Obsidian, to keep the theme going. This week, we have Outliner vs full-form text.

My goal is to use atomic notes in my system/second brain, which focus on a single idea or concept, clearly and concisely and are indivisible. I think forcing yourself to create shorter notes is a great way to increase the "link-ability" of your notes, and, consequently, the value of your knowledge base.

For reference, something like what Andy Mathuschak is doing. I am currently trying to understand whether LogSeq or Obsidian would be better for atomic notes, i.e., an outliner or a writer. On the one hand, most notes would consist of only a title, a bit of explanation and a lot of links to other notes, so I don't really need to write or format much in Obsidian and I would go for the simplicity and the logical structure of LogSeq. On the other hand, the outlining structure, while it's neat and I like it, might be constraining.

I'm very undecided, what do you think? I know Obsidian with plugins gets to almost 80% of LogSeq, but I really would want my decision to be the perfect one because I will not change anytime soon like most people.

Logseq Feature Requests

You can check out the full list of Feature Requests here.

  • Show the “SCHEDULED” date as a column in query’s table view - If you use the SCHEDULED feature to schedule your tasks and then query them, you do not see the SCHEDULED property in the table view. It will be very helpful to see the scheduled (and in extension, DEADLINE) in the table view.
  • Custom Admonitions - Add support for creating custom admonitions. That would include allowing users to add classes and change the icon.
  • Support for Markdown definition lists - Would love to see basic support for markdown definition lists.
  • Toggle to hide child pages in All Pages view - While writing journals, I often log my interactions with people into a single-parent category.
  • Use whiteboard and page interchangeably - even though I love the current whiteboard feature, I rarely use it because I can’t turn it back to a normal document. I wish there was a way to easily switch between the whiteboard and the document mode so that users can enjoy both the flexibility and the structure of the app.
  • Enhance property filtering in Linked Reference - Hi,
  • filtering capabilities for properties are currently limited in Linked References of pages. Please add some options: limit results to links from properties, further toggle to have page properties only, filter by specific property + existent property value(s)

Logseq Plugins / Themes

  • Omnivore plugin v1.13.0 is released - * escape special characters in the page name * truncate filename length to 100 * export highlighted markdown content using {{{ content }}} in the article template * add dateArchived to the exposed variable in the article template.
  • Logseq Plugin: Weekdays and Holidays (Templates) Plugin for switching journal templates for weekdays and weekends, public holidays. It is possible to set templates for each day of the week. v1.10.0 update - Support private holidays (or annual leave) max 6 dates.
  • Logseq flow nord 0.0.9 https://github.com/henices/logseq-flow-nord/releases/tag/v0.0.9
  • Work in Progress: Legacy Vector Theme Currently creating a theme that aims to imitate the MediaWiki Legacy Vector skin. Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.

Until Next Time

I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.

Thanks again for reading.