TLDR - logseqtimes.com (previously known as logseqweekly), the unofficial home for news, updates and opinions from the world of Logseq.

Hi Everyone, I am Ed, a bit of a numbers nerd, a sucker for tech/gadgets and a fan of a good book and, as of 2020, an addict of tools for thought (TFT).

I became addicted to personal knowledge management (PKM)/ and TFT, after realising that I struggled to retain and recall information from my notes. They were too siloed and lost in an infinite number of folders and a rigid structure. After spending my Covid lockdown months (Covid? Whats Covid?) searching for how to take better notes, I stumbled upon the Zettelkasten method, atomic notes, backlinking and other concepts, which all led me to the world (or rabbit hole) known as PKM.

I set up logseqtimes.com (previously known as logseqweekly - after a mix-up, I could not renew the domain) as a side project to provide you with unofficial news, updates and opinions from the world of Logseq.

With each post, I intend to extract as much information as possible from the vast number of sources to compile them in an easy-to-digest manner. I will provide you with updates on Logseq and my thoughts and opinions.  

I am not affiliated with Logseq or any of the other apps that will be mentioned on this website. The content that I write is based on my own thoughts and I will aim to give an unbiased and objective view of how I see things.

Some of the information may not necessarily be new and some will be well-known, but the aim is to provide as much useful information as possible.

If there is something you feel particularly strongly about, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for being here, and I hope you enjoy the posts.